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Special thanks to photographer Óscar Romero.

The photographs

All photographs on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License. By making a series of professional photographs of recorders freely available to everyone, this project will help raising public awareness of the beauty of handmade, finely crafted recorders, besides providing copyleft-licensed, professional recorder photographs that will hopefully be used by “educational websites, news media, bloggers, artists, students, teachers,” and of course recorder players.

Grab them, download them, use them, spread them and enjoy them.

In order to make the photographs more widely available and preserve them elsewhere, the whole photo collection has been also uploaded to both Wikimedia and archive.org.


It would be great to publish your recorder photos here. Ideally, beautifulrecorders.com should not only be about the few photographs we have created so far. If you’re a recorder player (specially a professional one) or maker (you may have some good photographs for a brochure, etc.) who owns some fine, professional, handmade instruments, please do send me some photographs through the contact form below: I’ll be really happy to publish them here. Hopefully, our joint efforts will help—one photograph at a time—spreading of the recorder’s fairer image as a fine, handmade, beautiful instrument.

“Why contribute to Wikimedia Commons”:

“Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Your contributions can be part of that. When you share your photos and other files on Commons and illustrate Wikipedia articles with them, your work might be viewed by thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of people all over the world. And you’re helping to build a common resource that reaches an even wider audience; media from Commons are used by educational websites, news media, bloggers, artists, filmmakers, students, teachers, and many others.”

How to send your photographs

I’ll be glad publish your photographs here under the following conditions:

  • License: In order to allow them to be used elsewhere (under certain conditions of your choice), photographs must be licensed under any of the available copyleft licenses. Read about how to select one. To make it clear, no © photographs will be published.
  • Only handmade: Please do not send photos of factory, mass-produced instruments. Only photographs of handmade recorders will be published.
  • Size & orientation: Portrait orientation works better here, and the ideal size of your photographs would be of at least 970 pixels for the smallest side (minimum size would be 970 × ≥970 pixels).
  • How to proceed: No action is required to license your photos under a copyleft license other than letting me know which one would you like to use. Just send me a link to your photo and some basic info (author, maker, model and license type). However, the recommended way of proceeding is that photographs would also be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. This must be done by the photographers themselves, and will require a copyleft license.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to publish only those photographs I consider appropriate, and I can not guarantee nor have the time or resources to publish everything people send me, though I’ll do my best.


What people are saying

What a thoughtful idea. Thank you!
Susan Burns, American Recorder Society

I am a recorder newsletter editor, and always on the hunt for good photos. These are beautiful!! Thank you for your thoughtful gift!
Sharon Henderson Bolles

Vicente Parrilla’s brand new site shows the real beauty of handcrafted recorders.
A most needed resource… free!
Ernesto Schmied

Another wonderful idea of @vicenteparrillahttps://beautifulrecorders.com Have a look, you'll feel the urge of playing on and listening to them!
María M. Ayerza


If you find any joy and value in this project, or have used one of these photographs in your projects, and wish to support this project, please consider supporting us with a donation of your choosing.

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