An initial search of the internet throws up numerous images of plastic, or mass-produced, cheap instruments, while images of historic or professional models need to be sought out. A concerted effort from the recorder community is needed in order to shift perspectives in the opposite direction, and to change the public’s perception of our beautiful instrument.”

Laoise O’Brien

Yes, industrial, cheap, mass-produced white plastic recorders are too well represented on the internet. But real, handmade, professional recorders are not. Beautiful recorders is here to try and change that situation — Would you like to help, too? Here’s how: This website is ad-free and took me many hours to get up & running, and quite an investment—professional photographs, website, domain & hosting—to sustain. By making a series of professional photographs of recorders freely available to everyone, this project will help raising public appreciation of the beauty of handmade, finely crafted recorders, besides providing copyleft-licensed, quality recorder images that will hopefully be used by “educational websites, news media, bloggers, artists, students, teachers,” and of course recorder players.

If you find any joy and value in this cause, or have used one of these photographs in your projects, and wish to support it, please consider supporting us with a donation of your choosing. You can do so through this link or clicking the button below. Any amount will help. Thank you! —VP

NB: Donation will be made through our sister project’s paypal account.